Free Try Dives continue

Try Dives with Bermondsey BSAC were free in 2016 thanks to a grant from Sport England.

The club has decided that we will continue to offer free Try Dives in 2017 although now they will be funded by the club.

If you have never diver before then a Try Dive in the swimming pool is the best to see if you’re going to like it.  To find out more click HERE.

Please remember that diving requires physical fitness and good health.  If you suffer from Diabetes, Epilepsy, blackouts, perforated eardrums, high blood pressure, heart disease, lung disorders, Asthma or are drug dependent then you will need specialist medical advice before diving.

It also helps if you can swim and are not afraid of water.

Annual General Meeting

All current paid-up club members have been invited to attend the Club’s Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 8th February 2017.  Doors open at 7:30pm, the meeting will start at 8pm.

The venue will be the St Peter and the Guardian Angels Social Club, Paradise Street, SE16 4QD.  Parking is available on the street, the nearest stations are Bermondsey or Canada Water.

Parents of junior club members are also welcome.

Seven Islands Refub Delay

We’re so sorry. It’s going to be closed a bit longer.

The refurbishment of the Seven Islands Leisure Centro has proved to be more complicated that Everyone Active and Southwark Council first thought and the re-opening of the pool has been moved back to the spring 2017.

We will therefore be meeting at St Georges Pool in Wapping for the next few months…

Nemo 33

The club had a very fun trip to Nemo 33 and the Bruges Christmas Markets.  There were 4 BSAC clubs at Nemo at the same time, 3 were also celebrating their 60th anniversaries but only 1 club was moving slow enough for us to capture them on film…thanks Ipswich!


Later lots of Glühwein and Beer was consumed, sights seen and lots of Christmas tat puchased…

60 Dive Sites in 2016

To mark the club’s 60th anniversary, we aimed to dive 60 different sites in 2016. On 5th October we achieved our target, with 7 club members doing a memorable dive on the wreck of the SMS Markgraf in Scapa Flow. Below is a list of all the sites we have visited (so far – remember we still have a trip to Nemo 33 coming before the end of the year), and doesn’t include the non-club dives our members did at NDAC, Gozo, Indonesia, the south coast and various other places in 2016. Well done, everyone, for getting so much diving done, and for diving such a wide variety of sites in less than 12 months.

1) Sha’ab El Erg, Red Sea (14/02/2016)

2) The Barge, Little Gubal Island, Red Sea (14/02/2016)

3) Bluff Point, Little Gubal Island, Red Sea (15/02/2016)

4) Jackfish Alley, Red Sea (15/02/2016)

5) Gordon Reef, Red Sea (15/02/2016)

6) Thomas Reef, Red Sea (16/02/2016)

7) Jackson Reef, Red Sea (16/02/2016)

8) Shark and Yolanda Reefs, Red Sea (16/02/2016)

9) Beacon Rock, Red Sea (16/02/2016)

10) SS Dunraven, Red Sea (17/02/2106)

11) Small Crack, Red Sea (17/02/2016)

12) SS Thistlegorm, Red Sea (17/02/2016)

13) SS Carnatic, Red Sea (18/02/2016)

14) Sha’ab Abu Nuhas, Red Sea (18/02/2016)

15) Tile wreck, Red Sea (19/02/2016)

16) Giannis D, Red Sea (19/02/2016)

17) El Minya, Red Sea (19/02/2016)

18) Walpole Bay tidal pool, Margate (27/02/2016)

19) Holborough Lakes, Kent (20/03/2016)

20) Wraysbury Dive Centre, Middlesex (16/04/2016)

21) Black Head Reef, Mevagissey Bay (30/04/2016)

22) Kantoeng wreck, Fowey (30/04/2016)

23) Gwineas (Gwinges), Cornwall (01/05/2016)

24) Penare Point, Mevagissey Bay (01/05/2016)

25) Curran Vean Reef, Cornwall (02/05/2016)

26) Stack Rocks, Pembrokeshire (28/05/2016)

27) Junkos Rock, Pembrokeshire (28/05/2016)

28) The Smalls, Pembrokeshire (29/05/2016)

29) SS Dakotian, Pembrokeshire (30/05/2016)

30) North Wall, Pembrokeshire (30/05/2016)

31) SS Shirala, Littlehampton (11/06/2016)

32) Outer Mulberry, Bognor Regis (11/06/2016)

33) Waldron’s Reef, Bognor Regis (11/06/2016)

34) MV Aeolian Sky, Dorset (25/06/2016)

35) SS Black Hawk Bow, Dorset (25/06/2016)

36) SS Binnendijk, Lulworth Banks (26/06/2016)

37) SS City of Waterford, Beachy Head (09/07/2016)

38) Gildenburgh Water, Cambridgeshire (17/07/2016)

39) Siracusa wreck, Newquay Bay (30/07/2016)

40) Poltexas Reef, Newquay (30/07/2016)

41) SS Orfordness, Newquay (31/07/2016)

42) Old Dane rock, Newquay (31/07/2016)

43) Swanage Pier (06/08/2016)

44) Valentine Tanks, Swanage (06/08/2016)

45) Bombay and Fleur de Lys, Swanage (06/08/2016)

46) Old Harry drift, Swanage (06/08/2016)

47) SS Kyarra, Swanage (06/08/2016)

48) HMS Scylla, Whitsand Bay (27/08/2016)

49) SS James Eagan Layne, Whitsand Bay (27/08/2016)

50) Pier Cellars, Cawsand Bay (28/08/2016)

51) Breakwater Fort, Plymouth Sound (28/08/2016)

52) Le Poulmic wreck, Plymouth Sound (29/08/2016)

53) Glen Strathallan wreck, Plymouth Sound (29/08/2016)

54) SMS Karksruhe, Scapa Flow (02/10/2016)

55) F2, YC21 and MV Mara, Scapa Flow (02/10/2016)

56) SMS Brummer, Scapa Flow (03/10/2016)

57) SMS Dresden II, Scapa Flow (03/10/2016)

58) SMS Kronprinz Wilhelm, Scapa Flow (04/10/2016)

59) Anti-Arial Torpedo Close Protection Pontoons, Scapa Flow (04/10/2016)

60) SMS Markgraf, Scapa Flow (05/10/2016)

61) SMS Cöln, Scapa Flow (06/10/2016)

62) SMS König, Scapa Flow (07/10/2016)

63) Nemo 33, Stalle, Belgium (03/12/2016)

Christmas Meal

The dive club Christmas Meal will be on Thursday 15th December.
If you would like a ticket then please speak to Clive.
We plan to meeting at a Pub near London Bridge at 18:45 and then go to a fabulous Restaurant on Southwark Bridge Road at 20:00.
Spouses, squeezes, significant others, siblings, snorkelers and nice people are all welcome.

Buoyancy and Trim & Accelerated Decompression Procedures

Geraint and Daniel spent a lovely day at Wraysbury on the Buoyancy and Trim workshop and in North Cornwall on the Accelerated Decompression Procedures Course.  Here is their account of these regional courses.


The day started with a briefing and a set of lectures around the importance of buoyancy control and how the general principles can be applied as well as some commentary about the impact of good trim.

Our first of two dives was an experiment dive where we could fiddle with weighting and trim and practice some of the skills before the assessment. We navigated a maze while maintaining good buoyancy, hovering parallel with a feature under the water and then slowly ascending with a stop of at least two minutes at every meter from 6m to 1m and then one final stop at half a meter.

The second dive was an assessed version of the first dive and Geraint and I did a great job of maintaining our buoyancy all the way up and doing various skills at each stop like spinning on the spot, mask clearing and attitude adjustments. This was later confirmed when our instructor awarded us both “Black” for Buoyancy and Trim.



Isuffering-with-finger-injuryt was held in North Cornwall not far from Rock and started in a nearby boat yard on Saturday morning.  Our Instructor, Mark, started by running us through some of the theory associated with the Twinset course and the ADP course. He was very clear about teaching “the BSAC way” and what pragmatic alterations we could make after training.

The first dive was a 6 m skills dive where we went through mask clearing, spare mask replacement, valve shut-off procedures, reg-switching for the deco stage, air sharing with long hose etc.

The second dive was in 23 m of water on a wreck. The vis was atrocious so we all lined off.  We didn’t do a deco dive as we ascended before the no stop limit but we still simulated swapping to 80% mixes at 9m and switching gasses on our computers.

Mark had an incident on the dive which resulted in a severe cut to his finger so he was taken to Truro hospital for stitches. While we waited the three of us went through the manual process of planning an accelerated deco dive using the tables and the materials we’d been given the previous night. Mark eventually came back about 10 o’clock, completed the lectures for the course and we finished about midnight!

On the Sunday we buddied up and dived our plan on the Indus – a wreck at about 45 m but as we’d planned for 40 m we were hovering above it – plan the dive and dive the plan! The wreck was fantastic and I wish I’d had more time on it. I had no problems switching gasses on the way up and we did our accelerated deco.

Back at the boat yard we unloaded the boat together, got de-kitted and loaded the cars. I was able to sign off dive management for Dive Leader as well as the ADP and Twinset SDCs.  Geraint and I are both Advanced Twinset divers!

We would recommend both these courses to anyone thinking about doing more decompression diving. I am very pleased that we will be able to practice our Accelerated Decompression on my next dive trip to Scapa Flow.