Diver Training

If you choose to join us at Bermondsey BSAC and undertake the OCEAN DIVER training course by attending the pool weekly. This will be at your own pace but typically can take about 6 to 8 weeks. This will include theory lectures which will generally be just prior to each Pool session which will prepare you to complete your training by going ‘open water’.

However diver training needn’t stop there. The SPORTS DIVER training course will build on the basic training and provide a solid foundation through a series of structured practical lessons. You can take part in dives with another Sports Diver.

After Sports Diver, you can commence the more advanced diving training grades of DIVE LEADER and ADVANCED DIVER.

Dive Leader will focus on having more responsibility within a dive group, with lessons in Rescue Skills and Rescue Management. Leading a dive will give you a greater sense of participation, enjoyment and confidence.

Advanced Diver will develop your skills further enable you to plan and organise dives and expeditions. Boat handling skills, chartwork and navigation will add additional skills. The BSAC consider this grade to be a fully qualified diver.

The highest diving grade is FIRST CLASS DIVER, which requires a high level of theoretical, organisational and practical diving skills.

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