Dive With Us


All of the club dives are on the DIVE LIST.


A huge benefit of being a club member is that you are allowed to hire club kit to use on dives.  The club has loads of cylinders, BCDs, regulators, gloves, hoods, fins and wetsuits. While owning your own is a good idea a full set of kit is expensive and probably best bought gradually.

There is a fee of £5 per item per day for kit hire, payable to the club, but is more than one item is rented then the maximum charge of £15 per day applies.

We have three drysuits which are primarily to enable Ocean Diver open water training to proceed in the colder months. They are available to other members for a fee starting at £20 for one day and gradually reducing for a week long trip.

Trainees will always get priority.


At Bermondsey BSAC we welcome divers and instructors who have trained with other diving agencies.  We will help you to cross over to become a BSAC club diver and learn how to dive in UK waters.