Dive Leader

It’s taken for granted that a Dive Leader is a capable, experienced and competent diver in their own right. This module is about developing the skills that will make them an asset and role model to other divers.

There are 12 lectures in this module, covering subjects such as:

  • Basic life support.
  • The administration of oxygen.
  • Dive planning to 35 and 50m.
  • Rescue management.
  • Helicopter operations.

There is a minimum of 20 additional dives or 600 minutes underwater required to sign off as a Dive leader, with some additional skills to be mastered, including:

  • Wall diving.
  • Planned decompression dive.
  • Navigation dive.
  • Wreck dive &
  • Night dive.

A Dive Leader will be involved in planning dive trips, marshaling dive trips, helping take less experienced divers into the water and would generally be one of the more experienced divers in the Club.

Allowing sensible time for all the lectures and some revision time, ideally this classroom element of this module should take about 6 months to complete, signed off with a BSAC multiple choice examination.

The BSAC Student Pack for Dive Leader costs £47.00 and this can be ordered through the Club Secretary when required.