Seven Islands Refub Delay

We’re so sorry. It’s going to be closed a bit longer. The refurbishment of the Seven Islands Leisure Centro has proved to be more complicated that Everyone Active and Southwark Council first thought and the re-opening of the pool has been moved back to the spring 2017. We will therefore be meeting at St Georges Pool … Continue reading Seven Islands Refub Delay


Nemo 33

The club had a very fun trip to Nemo 33 and the Bruges Christmas Markets.  There were 4 BSAC clubs at Nemo at the same time, 3 were also celebrating their 60th anniversaries but only 1 club was moving slow enough for us to capture them on film...thanks Ipswich!   Later lots of Glühwein and … Continue reading Nemo 33

Buoyancy and Trim & Accelerated Decompression Procedures

Geraint and Daniel spent a lovely day at Wraysbury on the Buoyancy and Trim workshop and in North Cornwall on the Accelerated Decompression Procedures Course.  Here is their account of these regional courses. BUOYANCY AND TRIM WORKSHOP The day started with a briefing and a set of lectures around the importance of buoyancy control and … Continue reading Buoyancy and Trim & Accelerated Decompression Procedures

Examination Success

Please give your congratulations to our newest Open Water Instructor.  Very well done to Sally. Becoming an Open Water Instructor requires the diver to pass a classroom teaching exam, an open water teaching exam and a knowledge exam.  It also takes years of hard work.